My Glory in You

by Jonathan Hanson Music

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There are a few things you need to know about this CD prior to listening to it. It was made in May of 2014 when I had very little money and equipment and It was recorded in a very low quality.
Why did I release it before I could refine it? Well here was my heat and mindset in putting together this album: My family had gone through a terrible suffering experience with my brother’s brain injury. I had a lot of thoughts and feelings that I wanted to express to people who were going through similar experiences as I and my family were experiencing. I wanted to reach them, simply and quietly.
Years later, I was digging through my things the other day and I happened to run across a couple copies of "my glory in you". The covers were in black and white, the recording was raw and unrefined, many of the notes I sang were off-key, and yet I got letters from people who told me how deeply it impacted them. I had a deep desire early on to write music however I was intimidated by so many extremely skilled musicians they could easily trump my musical abilities. How could I ever possibly expect to impact people when all those other musicians could do so much better than I could?
And yet God in His grace can take a very simple thing and use it for His purposes. "clay does not mold itself, we alone are nothing but from Him all wisdom doth impart." Finding the CDs once again it reminded me of the exceedingly abundant grace of God. I know He can touch a life and make it under His command to do whatever He wills it to do, that His glory may shine in us.
We just should remember to send praise upward as it's given. He must increase and we must decrease.
Please don’t listen for the sake of the music, but for the word of God in it. Listen, meditate, and pray. With the word of God and the emotional effect music has, it would be such a blessing if it changes your life. If this CD impacts you in that way, it will have been worth it. The final song, “Complete in Thee” is a song about our heavenly hope and has been a family favorite throughout the trial of my brother’s severe brain injury. Despite his suffering, David still shows the Glory of God in his life. His joy through pain has drawn attention to God and helps us to grow closer to Him. This CD was made for comfort and edification, not entertainment. I hope you enjoy it.


released May 16, 2014



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"This young man has a guitar and a voice all wrapped up in a beating heart. Maybe you don't have a broken heart, maybe you've never stood beside a sick bed - YET. Give him a shot..."

"Your music is very peaceful. I could listen to it forever."

"I cried while listening to his music. It has been a God-sent."

"Wow. Listen to the words!"
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Track Name: Map
My Map
Words and music by Jonathan A. Hanson

There’s a battle out there raging. Words like arrows are wounding
And many men are disengaging. Satan comes and tells a lie,
And weaker soldiers fall in pain, then, they turn away
From the King, and the tears of His cries

Oh, before this world was made, I made known my Word to thee
That Word became flesh and died for thee.
And now, My Word’s my map for thee
And it will be thy Guide from now, to throughout all eternity!

Many men have died in sin and guilt and misery
Because they let My words rust in.
But till I cry out to thee to draw it out the sword
And fight for the life that’s new and trust at man and his lies
(To Chorus 3x to end the song)
John 1:14
Track Name: My Glory in You
My Glory in You

I see your sorrow, for what you think you are
And what you want to be, you try so hard
You hide the bleeding as I’m calling so far
Don’t you see that I love you, in spite of who you are

They call you worthless, from just what they see
It’s not the flesh, that makes you beautiful to Me
Your name is written in the Lamb’s book
It’s not for man to say how they think you look.

I formed you long ago, for a special calling
Don’t keep on seeing, how much you’re falling
Keep your eyes on things above
Strive but to serve Me, and make Me your first love

In spite of their mocking, let My Spirit shine through
May they be astounded, by My glory in You
Be everything, I called you to be
Now it’s your turn, to bring glory to Me (repeat last line)
Track Name: Pass Through the Waters
When You Pass Through the Waters
(From Isaiah 43:1-2, Job 6:7-10, 19: 23-27, Lamentations 3:22-23, Ephesians 6:10, Psalm 32:10b, and Philippians 3:13-14)

Man is born of many sorrows as sparks fly upward from the earth
But all my hope is in the Lord my God, Who does wonders beyond all human worth
His love and mercies are unending
And they’re new whenever night comes to an end…

Fear not I’ve redeemed you, I called you by name
And you are Mine
When you pass through the waters I will lead you through
And the waters will never overtake you…
When you pass through the fires they’ll not burn you
For I will be with you (repeat chorus LAST TIME) I will be with you

He who trusts in the Lord his God, shall have many mercies surround him.
Being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, being free from himself and his sin
Looking on by God’s grace to things ahead
To the resurrection from the dead. (Chorus)

Oh that my words would be inscribed in stone, that they’d be seen there and known
Engraved there with power that’s not their own, and not to fade away from here unknown
For when I die, I will see Him as He is
And we will stand here together… (Addition): For I know… my Redeemer lives! (Chorus)
Track Name: The Wells of Salvation
The Wells of Your Salvation (Isaiah 12)
Words and music by Jonathan Allen Hanson

O Lord, I will praise you though Your anger came by my sin
Your anger is turned from me and Your comfort Shines in
Oh God You alone are my Salvation I hold dear,
And in You I shall trust and I shall not fear!

Oh Lord, You alone are my strength and my song and You have also become our deliverance
Therefore with joy I draw water from… the wells of Your salvation
Therefore with joy I draw water from… the wells of Your salvation

Let us Praise the Lord, let us call on His Name
Let us tell of all the wonders He has done on the earth
Let us tell of His title that we may spread his fame
Sing of His works for they are known in all the earth!

Cry and Shout oh Zion… for Holy is the One in our midst!
Track Name: Lamps of Fire
Lamps of Fire (Revelation 4)

I see a door, In the midst of Heaven
A voice like a trumpet calls, for me to come within
I am then in the Spirit, in a place like a dream of dreams
A throne sat in heaven, and there sat the King of Kings

He is like the loveliest stones that the eye could ever see
With rainbows of colors, as an emerald would be
Twenty-four elders sat, in robes of purest white
With crowns of gold, surrounded with light

Holy, Holy, Holy! Holy, Holy, Holy!
Lord God, God Almighty
Who was and is, and is to come

Thunder and lightings, and the sound of voices
Lamps of fire which is the Spirit of God
A sea of glass, sparkling like crystal
Amazing creatures, singing praise with their all
(To Chorus)

Then the elders fall in wonder at His feet
And they worship Him who lives eternally
Casting Crowns at His feet!
(To New Chorus Below)

New Chorus:
Worthy, to receive glory and might! (Repeat)
For You created all
And by You they are

Holy, Holy, Holy… Holy, Holy, Holy… Holy, Holy!
Track Name: That I May Know
That I May Know Jesus Christ

I have not obtained that goal
But I press on for Christ has saved my soul
Knowing that it’s not my own, letting sin be let go
Pressing on to the call that lies ahead

That I may know my Jesus Christ, and the power of His resurrection
That I may be like Him in His death
That I may know the depth of His love in the giving of His breath

But we have the hope of heaven
And we wait to see the Lord once again
He change all imperfections into heavenly perfection
As He rules in the power of His resurrection

All I thought was gain I have counted loss
And rise in power through the strength of the Cross
Track Name: To God Our God
To God, our God, our cry for help we raise
To God, our God, give worship and all praise
The God of our fathers we worship and adore
We cry to Him for mercy until sorrow and hate is here no more

Verse 1:
To You we lift up our voices, oh God enthroned in the heavens
To You we lift up our hearts, oh God high in the heavens
As a servant looks to his master
Or as a girl to whom she’s looked after, we will look…

Verse 2:
Have mercy… oh God, Have mercy upon us
From those at ease and from their contempt, oh Lord, save us
And Lord, please keep our minds
From these sins that come inside. God, keep our hearts!

Verse 3:
Give us grace. Pour it in our hearts and let us know forgiveness
Let us live… and love as you oh Lord would give
May they see You in us from above
Let then reach and touch Your love. Let them turn…